YOUR PROPERTY is the biggest investment you will ever make. In the short-term, it satisfies your most basic needs. In the long-term, it reflects who you are, meets your lifestyle needs, grows with your family, and provides you with security in your retirement.

You may have a plan and an understanding of what you want to accomplish over the next few years. Perhaps your project is a small one, like a bathroom renovation, and you need some professional help.  Regardless of the scope of your project, 3DM Contracting Inc can help you make your dreams a reality.

At 3DM Contracting Inc we believe that no job is too small and that every improvement brings you closer to having your dream home.

You've got a vision and are ready to take the leap into making your renovation dreams come true.  Not sure where to begin... 3DM Contracting Inc can help make your renovation dream a reality. What we have to offer you...

First and foremost, we strive to develop a great working relationship with you our clients. The key to a successful project is strong planning, coordination and management process. A well-managed project includes setting a budget, keeping costs in line, obtaining permits & approvals in a timely fashion and coordinating the various contractors and sub-trades to complete your project in a timely manner and on budget.

Ideally, our relationship begins early in the life of the project. This allows us to understand your needs before decisions are made that can be costly to reverse.  Depending on the scale or nature of your project, we often will partner with a Architectural Technician to assist in providing our clients with additional suggestions and design insight. Once we have a list of your needs we can help find and analyze the most cost effective way to complete your project.

A project concept is created and a detailed description of the work is prepared along with a formal proposal and quote. When we receive approval, we then will apply for any building permits after which construction can get under way. We now focus on organizing the activity on the job site to ensure cooperation among the entire team, making certain that schedules, budgets and quality standards are met.

Our Services

Project Management/General Contracting Service

3DM Contracting Inc project management/general contracting service is versatile. We can work one-on-one with you, our client, or in a joint venture with various consultants; such as an architect tech, architect or engineer depending on the scale or nature of your project. We strive to provide you with optimal solutions, while managing your risk and working within the established budget and construction/renovation schedule ("start to finish"). 

General Contracting

As a general contractor 3DM Contracting Inc has the experience to complete a wide variety of projects. Working with our subcontractors, 3DM Contracting Inc will complete your projects on time and within budget. Our purpose is to provide our clients with renovation solutions that meet their needs and satisfaction. 

Sub-Trades & Suppliers

At 3DM Contracting Inc, we are committed to building strong long-term relationships with our clients, the communities we serve and with our local sub-contractors and suppliers. Our strong network of reliable, licensed contractors are those that we have built over the years. At 3DM we pride ourselves in working with reputable sub-contractors who will provide competitive pricing, are organized, and have pride in their workmanship, which enables 3DM Contracting Inc to provide you with lower costs, efficiently managed schedules and high quality finishes.   


We can assist you in obtaining permits, or acquire them on your behalf. It is very important that your project is done to the specifications of the municipality and the building code in your geographic area. Obtaining all proper permits protects your investment.