Company Profile

3DM Contracting Inc. was founded in 2015 by Luis De Matos, an extremely proud Kingstonian with strong roots in the Portuguese community.

3DM Contracting Inc. provides our clients with General Contractor services.  We offer our clients a ‘Hands on Approach’ to ensure that our clients and their projects are managed well.  When working with 3DM Contracting Inc. on a construction or project management, we believe in building and sustaining long lasting relationships, through our core values of "Integrity, Candor and Respect". The strong partnerships we build with our sub-contractors and suppliers will in turn allow 3DM Contracting Inc. to provide you, our clients with competitive pricing, high quality workmanship, and completed projects in a timely manner.

3DM Contracting Inc. takes pride in providing a high quality service by ensuring attention to detail and maintaining excellent customer relations and communication throughout the entire project. Safety is a number one priority for 3DM Contacting Inc. We strive to maintain and sustain a safe working environment at all times.  Our core values contribute to our high level of customer service and ultimately your satisfaction.